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Time: My Greatest Enemy and Ally

by Marilyn Muñiz

 It’s been said a million time; there’s never enough time in a day. The older I’ve gotten, the truer this statement has become. When I’m focus on my writing project or reading a book, somehow time disappears leaving me little time to get other things done. But time doesn’t discriminate against anything I do. No matter how small the task, it always takes longer than I thought.

I love to plan and organize my day. Little is done if I don’t. And lately it hasn’t been done due to obligations that toss any plans out until they are done. My mind becomes muddled at that point and I relax playing War of Worldcraft or watching TV. Pretty anything that isn’t productive calls me.

Sadly, time works with me if I take the time to write what I need to complete each day with a limit on each task. If I don’t finish the task within the allotted time, then I move to the next task and pick up the unfinished task again the next day. It’s time management 101 from what the books and articles I’ve read. (I love to read on the topic. ^_^)

It works so well for me. I just need to keep the habit of writing down the tasks and how much time I have for each.

How do you feel about time? Enemy, ally, or both?

A Memory of Light Excerpt and Sketch Cover

by Marilyn Muñiz
April 30, 2012

It’s the end of April already. Jordan’s Wheel of Time series is approaching it’s end at the beginning of next year. During this year’s JordonCon, an excerpt and the sketch cover from the late Darrel K. Sweet was revealed. You can read the full excerpt on Tor.com here by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.


I skimmed through it because I didn’t want to spoil myself too much. Plus, I need to catch up with the last two or three books released. It’s from an Andoran soldier named Bayrd POV. He is appointed to guard their leader for the night. Supplies and weapons are missing. They are talking about taking Whitebridge to resupply and recruit men for their cause. That’s as far as I made before stopping.

End of Spoiler

Very typical mumble jumbo I don’t care about. My pet peeve with the series is the POVs that don’t move the plot forward. This may not be the case with this prologue, but I would be surprised if it turned out to be important.  After reading books 7 through 10, I’m not thrilled of reading more of the same. But if i want to finish the series right, then I will need to read every page in the series. It feels wrong to read the last book without reading every book.


Darrell K. Sweet drew all fifteen covers for the Wheel of Timeseries. He passed away last December before he fulfilled his wish to finish the last cover for the series. Below is the image he created.

Darrell K. Sweet's Memory of Light Sketch

I prefer the eBook covers over the print edition, but I cannot deny Sweet’s art is wonderful and reflects the series very well. The artwork has Min, Aviendha, and Elayne standing around a funeral pyre. I can guess it is for Rand, but we won’t know for sure until the last book it out.  I’m hoping Rand gets his happy ending, but I will understand if he dies.

To view all his previous covers, visit Tor.com here.

I’m debating on whether to have a reread so late into the year. What do you think?

My Journey as a Reader

by Marilyn Muñiz
April 14, 2011

I started reading back in the 5th grade books. I began reading YA horror, YA thriller and then Stephen King’s books. I went against my Mom and started to read her romance novels. I picked up YA fantasy books and then Adult fantasy. I read a minimum of four books a week. There was no place I didn’t read a book. I never came home from the library without a stack of books.

Then college started, I stopped reading as much during the first semester of college. Some semesters the chance to read appeared more than others. After I started going to college part-time, I began working full-time and my reading habits continued to be the same. I graduated and it still remained unchanged until recently.

Now, I realized my love for reading disappeared. I didn’t keep up with new releases, visit my local library or ask for recommendations. I lost complete touch with my favorite genres. I created a massive gap during these past few years. Whether they were old or new books, I missed the time to read them.

I’m slowly returning back to reading again and it feels wonderful. I didn’t know how much I missed reading until I started again. Making up the time I lost will be difficult but I’m ready for the challenge. I may never read 4 books a week again, but one book is enough. The important thing I learned on my journey is the reason why I am a writer is because of my love of reading. I am a reader first and a writer second.

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